If you’re dreaming of the cool weather and cozy feelings of fall, you’re not alone! The intense summer heat has the Shreckhise Shrubbery team looking forward to fall too. Part of what makes fall so great is that it’s the perfect time for spending time outdoors. If your landscaping tends to look a little bland in the fall, don’t worry. You can make your landscaping pop with color as you enjoy some front porch sitting or fun times hanging out in the yard. Mid to late August is the perfect time to start planting for fall color and with a little planning now, you can enjoy everything that colorful fall plants have to offer. Here are some great colorful fall plants to spark your imagination:


Chrysanthemums or “mums” for short, are synonymous with fall. Their fluffy blooms will out your landscaping with brilliant color and are a statement that fall has arrived. With a rainbow of colors to choose from and long-lasting blooms mums are a favorite for fall color. There are also hundreds of varieties, so you’re sure to find one to match your growing conditions. Give your mums full sunlight and water them frequently, and you’re on your way to encourage their full growing potential.

Black Gum Trees

Black gum trees add a striking pop of fall color to your landscaping. In fall, they come alive with autumnal colors. The graceful branches hold their form throughout the year, making these trees all-season stunners. Black gums are easy to grow, drought resistant, and have few diseases or insect problems. Black gums can survive in partial shade but create a more magnificent color if they receive full sun.


If you want to polish off your fall landscaping with a border plant, asters are a wonderful choice. Not only are they reliable perennials, but they come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Depending on what variety you choose, asters can grow anywhere from one to four feet. As an added bonus, you’ll notice a variety of butterflies are attracted to your asters too.

Serviceberry Trees

If you want a showstopper for your fall color, look no further than serviceberry trees. This plant comes in varieties that grow to the size of a large shrub or a small tree. You’ll be amazed at colorful fall leaves and can look forward to white blooms in the spring. True to its name, serviceberries produce small berries that attract birds for an added touch of nature in your landscaping.


If you’re new to taking care of plants or want a worry-free but striking addition for your landscaping, sedums are a great option. All you have to do is plant them where they can soak up plenty of sun and try to remember to water them! Sedums come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so do your research to choose your favorite variety.  August is quickly approaching, and as you enjoy the last days of summer, don’t miss out on setting yourself up for success in fall. The Shreckhise Shrubbery team is always here to help with whatever questions or landscaping needs you might have. Stop by or give us a call!

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