Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, and throughout the years, giving the gift of flowers or a special plant has become a common way to express your love. Throughout history, flowers and plants have been associated with special meanings and, in some instances, secret messages. Woven into mythology, poetry, and even Shakespeare’s sonnets, flowers and plants have served as a muse for expression.

One of the most significant time periods for flowers and plants was during the Victorian era in the 1800s. Proper etiquette ruled supreme in Victorian times, so flowers and plants were used to communicate messages and answers to questions that couldn’t be spoken aloud. Even the hand that the flowers were presented with had meaning – a flower given from a right hand meant “yes,” and a flower given from a left hand meant “no.”

An entire “conversation” could be expressed using only flowers and plants for the exchange. For instance, a suitor may present an apple blossom to express his preference for a young lady. If she, in turn, gave him a yellow carnation, a flower that expressed disdain, he would know his hopes were dashed.

If you want to ensure you send the perfect message to your Valentine, take a look at the meanings and messages of some of our favorite blooms. Roses are the most traditional flower to give on Valentine’s Day, but their meaning changes significantly depending on the color.

White rose: Purity, innocence, reverence, a new beginning, a fresh start

Red rose: I love you

Pink rose: Grace, happiness, gentleness

Orange rose: Desire and enthusiasm

Lavender rose: Love at first sight

Peach rose: Appreciation and gratitude

Yellow rose: Friendship and joy

If you want to break from the tradition of giving roses, there are many more options to choose from. Here are some of our favorite flowers and plants with meaningful messages for Valentine’s Day:

Arborvitae: If you want a long-lasting reminder of Valentine’s Day, arborvitae could be a good choice. Arborvitae is actually an evergreen tree that comes in a variety of sizes. The meaning behind arborvitae is “long lasting friendship.”

Angelica: If you want to express that your Valentine is an inspiration to you, angelica is the perfect choice.

Basil: This fragrant herb doubles as a delicious spice and is also a way to express “good wishes.”

Calla Lily: Calla lilies have long been a way to express how beautiful you think someone is.

Camellia: White camellias are given to express “You’re adorable,” while red camellias mean “You’re a flame in my heart.”

Pink Carnations: If your Valentine is unforgettable, pink carnations are the perfect way to say, “I’ll never forget you.”
Chrysanthemum: Like red roses, red chrysanthemums are another way to say “I love you.”

Daisies: Along with their cheerful experience, daisies express a sentiment of loyalty and love.

Honeysuckle: Fragrant honeysuckle is a beautiful addition to your landscaping and also represents the bonds of love.

Yellow Jasmine: Give your Valentine yellow jasmine to express your gratitude for their grace and elegance.

Red Salvia: Red Salvia conveys the sweet message of “Forever mine.”

Tulips: Red tulips are equated with a message of passion, while yellow tulips convey, “There’s sunshine in your smile.”

Zinnia: For a long-distance Valentine, a zinnia means that you’re thinking of them across the distance and that your affection is everlasting.
From everyone at Shreckhise Shrubbery, we wish you a very special (and plant-filled!) Valentine’s Day. As always, the Shreckhise Shrubbery team will always be there to help with whatever questions or landscaping needs you might have!

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